Enhancing water availability with a changing climate

Africa is a water scarce continent with 1 in 3 people being affected by the problem of water scarcity. This means that as securing clean water for drinking is a challenge, economic development in agriculture is therefore impossible. In addition to this water problem, climate change has led to reduction of rainfall days with the available days being intermittent and extreme. This means that farmers relying on direct rainfall for agriculture do not get yields as high rain ruin their crop, then stops after some time leaving the remaining crops to dry. This is rendering the so called food baskets of Africa unproductive leading to increased poverty, hunger and malnutrition in Africa.

To ensure continued food production and to grow a food secure Africa, AfricaSMAT aims at ensuring there’s low dependence of rain-fed agriculture by ensuring farmers have water to engage in irrigation through saving the rain and creating sustainable environments.

How we do it.

Water harvesting

Water harvesting

We discover suitable sites for water harvesting, design construct and maintain the structures, translating this to farmers over the years through training.

precision irrigaction

Precision water management and irrigation

We conduct precise application of quality water at the right time, right place, and right stage of crop growth uniformly across the selected area to achieve sustainable management of water


Water diversion and supply

We discover suitable areas for water diversion from rivers and natural sources, design and construct systems in a sustainable manner to avoid depletion and counter effects of water diversion to the downstream users


Wetland restoration

With awareness that wetlands are a great source of irrigation water as well as biodiversity we aim at restoring traditionally existing wetlands which have dried over the years due to encroachment and climate change


Combating land degradation

We look at areas that have been affected by land degradation and especially soil; erosion and deforestation and reclaim them. We also find areas prone to land degradation and work to avoid it


Forest restoration

Encouraging farmer participation in reforestation by applying means as agroforestry and group forestry restoration by tree planting


Sustainable environment for water

Enhancing protection and improvement of the water towers