Precision agriculture

With the aim of improving agricultural production, enhancing food security and reducing malnutrition, AfricaSMAT works to enhance efficiency in agriculture. Most small-scale farmers in Africa own less than 2 acres of land and enhancing efficient production using precision agriculture ensures that these small pieces of land produce enough food and at a lower price. We adopt GIS techniques to ascertain crop suitability, we encourage diversification of crops to ensure different nutritious foods are produced. Using precision agriculture site suitability in cropping, watering and inputs addition is done

Sustainable agriculture

We believe in producing crops and livestock while having minimal negative effects on the environment. Encouraging additional organic fertilizers, manure, use of organic pesticides and natural pest eliminators, reducing soil erosion and encouraging improvement of soil fertility by using sustainable land management practice. This contributes to the growth of nutritious and healthy food and improves the standards of living of farmers

Climate Smart Agriculture

We work to develop small scale agriculture, to ensure sustainable food production under a changing climate, to ensure there’s food security high nutritious food and improving the standards of living of small-scale farmers. Climate change has led to the disruption of the normal weather patterns leasing to delay of seasons and reduction of rainfall days with an increased intensity of rainfall. This is followed by a long dry spell which leads to death of crops and losses. AfricaSMAT Understands that harvesting water during the periods of extreme rainfall and using it during the dry spell for farming drought resilient and high yielding crop varieties is a way of adapting to climate change and becoming resilient. AfricaSMAT CSA success is dependent on adopting solutions from agricultural research and climate science.

Mobile phones innovation and ICT in agriculture

This is a highly growing trend in agricultural innovation where ICT is being used in the development of agriculture through mobile phone technology. AfricaSMAT invests in developing mobile phone applications for water control, crop pests and diseases control, meteorological predictions and knowledge to ascertain when to carry out farm operations and activities and to locate markets. Most small-scale farmers don’t get access to these innovations. We aim at ensuring that farmers obtain them at cheaper and affordable costs.

Green house technology

Greenhouses tend to be costly and unaffordable to small-scale farmers. AfricaSMAT brings new ways of constructing greenhouses and using locally available materials. We educate farmers on how to create their own sizeable greenhouses depending on their requirements and ability.

Crop suitability and diversification

Using GIS techniques AfricaSMAT is able to ascertain crops which are suitable for farmers areas and therefore advice small scale farers on which crops to grow. Drought resistant seeds and cultivars are obtained from agricultural research institutions. AfricaSMAT encourages crop diversification and the growth of traditional and indigenous crops which were known to be drought resistant and healthy. This is because with the diversity of crops is multi nutritive crops for small-scale farmers