By: Tengetile Zanele Mphila-Nguru

Human beings all around the world have been for the longest time consuming from the earth but doing less to help it replenish itself. Despite some efforts by different organizations, governments, individuals and all those who seemed to understand and care about this matter, their efforts have been drained down by the few that are ignorant, care less or don’t think this can affect them in any way. The human race has since failed mother nature and this is the time for us to lock ourselves in our homes and watch as she replenishes herself without any interference.

The amount of destruction human beings have done on the environment is immeasurable. We have watched how the recent Australian bushfires caused massive damage to the environment where 830m tonnes of carbon dioxide was estimated to have been released with scientists foreseeing a long road to recovery. We have also witnessed the recent oil spills in Brazil which had enormous damage on the ocean, devastating and killing marine life. Kilometres of Brazil’s beaches were also turned black and washed up by oil, threatening the livelihoods of the coastal communities. These are amongst the many environmental disasters the earth has had to endure over the last year.

Earth responded…

Like human beings being provoked, the earth responded and this response has not been so pleasing to human beings. In the past year, we have seen the most violent and deadliest meteorological disasters. These included storms, cyclones, flooding and heatwaves which all led to hundreds of people losing their lives, homes and other valuables. This was the earth sending a message to human beings, telling us to stop the damage or else to face the music.


This is the most difficult time for the human race which is being attacked by the Covid-19 pandemic. Economies all around the world are facing the most challenging period and nobody knows how long it will take for it to come to an end. However, this is the best time for mother nature. It’s a time for her to heal her wounds, rediscover and realize her capabilities.

The lockdown imposed in many parts of the world has been a blessing in disguise for nature. With people finding safety in their homes, there has been less environmental distraction, many animal species are replenishing and greenery is sprouting in all corners. The oceans are resting and replacing lost biodiversity.

Earth Day 2020…

This year’s Earth Day (22 April) theme is Climate Action. The year 2020 marks 50 years of Earth Day and has seen most people celebrating it in their homes. This is a perfect time for human beings to rethink their actions on the environment and to start making things right. A time to start making a difference from their backyards by replanting trees, flowers and starting vegetable gardens in their homes. This is the little contribution that we can all make and will go a long way in making an impact on the environment as well as reverse climate change. We have all learned a lesson from this lockdown and therefore it is time to take climate action starting in our homes. A time to start afresh and reconsider mother nature in all the decisions we make, after all, everything depends on her.

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