Most small-scale farmers lack modern agricultural technologies, information and opportunities in agribusiness. We therefore have a three-step solution to help small scale farmers to not only consume their products within the household, but to earn a living and get profits from their produce. Our three-step transformation includes: value addition, locating local markets and online marketing.

Value addition

We realized that farmers do not earn much from their raw produce, hence we train them on how to economically add value to their crops so they can earn more and reduce post-harvest loses

Locating markets

We locate local manufacturers who help in processing the raw products for the small-scale farmers and help them to supply the value-added products to local and international markets

Online marketing

The most effective way to market products in this era of technology in through online marketing. Since our farmers do not only produce for local markets but also international markets, we help market their products through our online platforms including all our social media pages and website