Africa Smart Agricultural Transformation
Ensuring access to water at all times
Enhancing sustainable and climate smart farming
Empowering women and youth in agriculture
Creating sustainable environments
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Water and climate change

Enhancing water availability with a changing climate

AfricaSMAT locates sites suitable for water harvesting structures and water diversion to provide a constant supply of agricultural water to farmers, designing the structures with climate change in mind.

AgriTech: the future

Agricultural innovation and Big Data

AfricaSMAT understands that the future of agriculture dwells on agricultural innovation and the application of Big Data in revolutionizing agriculture. We therefore aim at bringing these innovative ideas and agricultural technologies to smallholder farmers down-scaling them to their understanding ability at a very low or zero cost to enhance applicability and affordability.

Towards zero malnutrition

Enhancing food security and improved nutrition

By encouraging irrigation and crop diversification based on crop suitability, existing research and promoting our indigenous crops, we aim at enhancing food security and fostering zero malnutrition.

Sustainable environments

Environment and climate

AfricaSMAT recognizes the need for smallholder farmers to become resilient to climate change and to have a favorable environment for their crops and animals. 

Powering professionalism

Empowering women and youth in agriculture

AfricaSMAT understands that by empowering women and youth to engage in beneficial agriculture, we not only improve their standards of living, but also boost agriculture. 

Help grow the smallholder farmers of Africa